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Cannelloni Verdi with Ghostly Image of George W Bush sells for $32,000 on Ebay

Mystery bidder remains unknown

Sergio's highly regarded Cannelloni Verdi with Cheese, which included a ghostly likeness of George W Bush in the spinach, has been sold on Ebay for $32,000, we can now report.

The dish was prepared by the renowned chef at Sergio's Italian Pasta Palace, Hot Springs, Arkansas, Thursday.

After the food arrived at the table the diner noticed that a face was clearly visible in the spinach.

$32,000 paid for Italian specialty with likeness of President Bush

The diner told our reporter: "I couldn't believe it. It was like the president was trying to kiss me using the medium of spinach."

"I told my husband: You're not going to believe this but I can see President Bush in the pasta and it looks like he's trying to whisper something."

"It was still warm and cheesy when I put it up on Ebay."

Freakish likeness of the President appeared mysteriously in dish

Sergio's Italian Pasta Palace has had similar visitations in the past, but never before from a living person. Elvis has been found in the Lasagna, Marilyn Monroe in the whipped cream and Frank Sinatra in slices of ham.

The restaurant claims to be the 7th most haunted restaurant in the United States.

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