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Bank Customer Apologizes To Bank For Rude Reply To Suspected Spam

Please type in your account details...

A bank customer who 'reacted ballistically' after receiving what he thought was a fraudulent spam message trying to trick him into entering his account details and password, replied to the message angrily only to find that the e-mail was genuinely from his bank manager.

Here we print the original e-mail sent to the customer and his apology...

Suspected Spam message
Hello you! dear valued Citibank customer,

Due to mounting concerns for the safety and integrity of the entire online banking community I am issued a following warning message right here. Read me if you please, urgently as you wish.

It has come to my own attention that your own account information needs to be confrimed due to inactive customers, fraud and spoof reporting. If you could pleased to be taking 5 minutes and renew your records you will not run into any future problems with the online service. However, failure to confrim your records may result in your overdraft being suspended.

Apology from customer for overreacting
Dear Mr Frobishire,

I would like to offer my complete and abject apology to you, your father and other members of your family, for my e-mail that I sent to you yesterday.

I now accept without question that the e-mail you sent to me, asking me to type in my account number and password in a link you so thoughtfully provided, was completely genuine and was something that you did to help me, an acknowledged 'retard' in the technology field, and was not an attempt by a third party to embezzle money from me.

When I replied to your e-mail, telling you and your family to 'get the f*** out of it and stick the c****ing internet up your collective asses', I was under the impression that I was addressing the e-mail to a no good cheating lying douche bag from the Philippines, eager to get his hands on my account details.

I now accept that this was not the case and that in fact it was your kind self trying to make my life, a cretin, easier.

I do hope you enjoy the basket of fruit that I have sent you, and that you will reconsider suspending my overdraft for 'unwarranted personal abuse'.

Yours Faithfooly,
Mike 'NumbNuts' McMike

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