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Parents need their children's help to open child-proof packages shock
Push down and twist again like we did last summer

7 out of 10 parents need their children's help to open child proof packaging, a survey carried out for this website had revealed.

The survey, carried out by Shoffield University in England, says that some parents can struggle for up to three hours at a time when faced with a new child proofed package.

In our survey, children were able to tell their parents how to open the packages in under 30 seconds. However, their little fingers and bones prevented them from actually opening the packages.

Parents are most defeated by the push down and twist bottles popular for medication and vitamins.

The upper body strength required to open such a package is believed to exceed 57, completely stuffing most people over 35, and impossible for the over 85's who can normally manage only 34.

Campaigners say that this proves the child proof packaging industry is ageist.

An old person, who asked us not to name her in a weak-croaky-type voice, told us that the only way she can take her vitamins every day is to clamp the vitamin bottle in a vice, put all her body weight down on the bottle cap and then get a friend to turn her round.

Nobody of consequence died.

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