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Which Leading Lady has the Smelliest Breath?
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3 out of 10 leading ladies in motion pictures have bad breath, a survey of unemployed leading men shows...

And the problem isn't just confined to the big screen: 5 out of 10 actresses in TV movies have the same "garbage breath" problem...

Movie experts say you can tell which leading lady has the worst breath by the hesitant way the leading man kisses her.

Leading men have told us:

"Kissing [name deleted] was like kissing a life size cod which had just burped up an acid cod liver oil taste. I washed my mouth for hours afterwards to get the taste out of my mouth."

"Kissing [name deleted] mouth was like being pulled by the tongue into a garbage disposal unit."

"I love the taste of garlic, that wasn't the problem. I could still taste the prawns though. It put me off seafood for months."

"My tip for young actors who have to kiss leading ladies with smelly breath is to lick something really smelly yourself before the scene. I would always lick my dog's ass."

"Bad breath fetishism has never been more popular in Hollywood today."

"Luckily it was a porn movie so I found a less smelly place to stick my tongue."

Send us your Hollywood leading ladies bad breath stories.

We will publish the best ones.

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