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Internet Spam Convention Opens. Bans Fliers, Leafleting
"Delegates don't want to be weighed down by useless advertising" says organiser

San Francisco - Organisers of Internet Spam Francisco 2004 have told advertisers not to load down delegates with too much unnecessary advertising again this year.

The move follows last year's convention in which delegates complained they were being weighed down by over 40 lbs of fliers, posters and T-shirts.

Attendee in 2003, Jennifer Doologly, told us:

"The leafleting just got out of hand. It was a nightmare. Every which way you went there was someone piling on more unnecessary literature about their products and services."

"I was given over 50 pamphlets from companies who wanted to make my penis bigger! Surely they could see I was not in the market for such a thing? They made me feel like a lady-boy from Thailand - it was distressing, but in a particularly exotic kind of way."

An organiser of the conference told us:

"Last year we had a problem with extremist elements of the advertising industry who infiltrated the conference with the sole intention of weighing down our delegates with useless paraphernalia. They were trying to make a point about the volume of useless advertising, apparently, but it backfired on them badly now we have banned it this year."

"What the marketing industry has got to understand is that our internet advertising is designed to be environmentally friendly. We guarantee that no furry, cuddly animals who live in trees are made homeless by our advertising, there is no paper based advertiser that can honestly make that pledge. It is for the good of the environment that we have banned this intrusive and unwelcome advertising."

"Delegates can still ask for the leafleting if they want, just they wont automatically be given it as they walk along between the exhibits."

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