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The Internet Scandal of 'Strict Filtering': An Investigation With Lots of Naughty Words

How naughty can you be with strict filtering on?

Have you ever wondered how safe, strict filtering really is?

Ever wanted to type in all the dirtiest, randiest, horniest, words and phrases your sweaty little fingers can think of, just to see how many pages slip through the strict filtering feature, but you just didn't have the time?

Well, wonder no more, dear readers, because, in the name of science, we have done it for you...

On July 19th, 2004, at 15:30-16:00 BST (GMT+1)) we searched the web for naughty words after setting our search engine to what we were told is super safe...

The search engine told us it was safe. We were in for a shock!

We were ill prepared for the shock that was to come...

Run away now if you are of a gentle disposition. We are about to give you a shock if you thought clicking safe meant safe...

If you can find a better dirty search with strict filtering on then please let us know and we will add it to our list. Send your comments to


All the following search strings in bold returned the number of pages in the brackets. All with strict filtering set to on.

mother fucker (13,600,000)
porn (10,200,000)
ass fucker (9,760,000)
x rated (6,210,000)
george w bush is a bastard (5,630,000)
take me up the bottom (3,970,000)
penis (3,540,000)
tit (3,470,000)
animal sex (3,110,000)
my girlfriend is a slut (2,730,000)
dirty old man (2,610,000)
animal reproduction (1,610,000)
joystick (1,540,000)
lady bottom (1,440,000)
vagina (1,310,000)
dirty old woman (1,180,000)
what gay boys do (1,100,000)
sex with meat (819,000)
red hot passion (817,000)
dirty sex movies (789,000)
whore (670,000)
birthday suit (627,000)
ejaculation (593,000)
arse fucker (398,000)
big tits (366,000)
greasy boobs (370,000)
too naughty for words (186,000)
undress (170,000)
monster willy (84,100)
funky nuts (57,500)
girl love juices (54,000)
sex with squirrels (46,800)
red hot lesbian porn (43,700)
boy love juices (39,900)
undress quickly (34,400)
undress slowly (28,000)
oily penis (18,500)
slut tickle my balls (13,500)
tallywhacker (2,680)
jack rabbit vibrator (2,200)
farmyard animals are naughty with a lady (1,720)
creaming your girlfriend off (790)
veiny bang stick (108)

cunt (0)

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