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Computer Monitor Designed for Internet Porn Lovers Goes on Sale Today

The VagiMon©™ will revolutionise Internet Porn

Computer monitor specialists, International Computer Monitors Inc, have revealed the latest computer monitor designed specifically for internet porn lovers.

The VagiMon©™, has a life-sized vagina incorporated into the front of the monitor.

Computer Vagina

The monitor is to be sponsored by a leading porn web site and will enable users to 'fully experience the vast range of pornography available on the internet.'

The unspecified porn web site will also be 'providing specialist content services for users of the monitor'.

A salesman told us:

"Internet surfers looking for naked pictures of their favourite stars will be able to enjoy the internet experience much more than ever before."

He continued:

"The vagina can also be used as a pencil holder when not in use."

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