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Two George W Bush Impersonators Announce Gay Marriage Plans

US President in apparent double gay glee
Sam and George - preparing to 'tie the knot'

It is set to be the gay marriage of the decade, and is doomed to upset religious groups across the world.

Sam Hugliograhoff and George Mastalarsay, two George W Bush impersonators, have said they intend to marry in September, but the exact date has yet to be fixed.

Sam and George are currently renovating an old property which they intend to call the Pink House when it is finished.

Mr Hugliograhoff, once called 'hopelessly camp' by a college baseball coach, told us, when we called last night, that he is working with an interior decorator to create a scale version of The Oval Office in which he intends to have homoerotic statues, paintings and posters - it is to be called the Ogle Office.

Rumours that Mr Mastalarsay is to be a special guest on an Election 2004 edition of Queer Eye for the Queerer President Guy has been scoffed at openly and at length.

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