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July 6, 2004: 50 Year Anniversary of First Rock and Roll Hangover

It's still all right Mamma
The King

Today we join pubs and bars around the world to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the first ever Rock and Roll hangover.

Following the recording of Elvis Presley's "That's All Right" - widely regarded as the first Rock and Roll recording, on July 5, 1954 - Engineer, Bud Thompson, and radio station DJ, Jeb 'Turntables' Brash, drank heavily until the early hours of the morning.

75 year old Brash recalled yesterday: "We got completely tanked up that night, I don't mind tellen'ya."

Unfortunately, recollections of what was officially the contents of the first Rock and Roll binge drinking session are muddled.

Brash claims to remember ordering 5 beers, but after that he says the evening became just a 'warm fuzzy blur'.

This seminal moment in Rock and Roll history may never now be fully remembered as that night's bartender, George 'Fozzy' Fosherman, died 7 years ago.

Said Bud Thompson: "Had I known that night that my drinking was going down in the history books I would have kept a note of what I consumed."

Whilst the detail of the alcohol consumption that night has probably now been lost to history, what 'Turntables' Brash describes as 'a god damned awful hangover' the next day is still firmly at the front of his mind.

He says: "It was a sum bitch of a hangover. My eyes were popping out of my brain and even after drinking three pots of coffee I couldn't drive straight. No siree. Whoa, no kidden'ya. However, it makes me proud to now know that I really did have, officially, the Grandaddy of all Rock and Roll hangovers. Gee Whizz."


Later today, Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards, widely regarded as having drunk more alcohol than anyone else in Rock and Roll history, will join Bud Thompson and 'Turntables' Brash to officially 'open' the celebrations across the world.

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