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Paul O'Neill book to be made into movie:
'See No Evil, Hear No Evil - Assignment IRAQ'
One's blind, the other's deaf, and together they're getting away with murder...

Coming to all good cinema's in time for the Election... Orange Alert Productions proudly present the most hilarious administration in US presidential history....

"It'll have Iraqi's rolling in the street" Entertainment This Minute

"Your sides will ache without you laughing even once!" Baghdad Movie Daily

"You will cry until you cry even more" Entertainment Weepy


See No Evil, Hear No Evil - Assignment Iraq is the HILARIOUS movie-ization of Paul O'Neill's book 'The Price Of Loyalty'*.

The movie features two ordinary but powerful guy's: One's a loveably dumb Texan who's made a promise to his Dad, the other is just great doing stuff on a pocket calculator!

But the dumb Texan is completely blind, and the guy with the pocket calculator is totally deaf...!

... the movie is filled with the following brilliant misunderstandings...

Bush: "I want to get that biatch in the sack..." O'Neill: "You want to bomb Iraq?"

Bush: "That hussy is insane!" O'Neill: "Did you say that was Saddam Hussein?"

Yes, this movie is 90 whole minutes filled with pure unadulterated hysterical misunderstandings in THE movie of Presidential Election year 2004 so far... roll over Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder, Bush and O'Neill are THE new kids on the block...


[*In 'The Price of Loyalty' former treasury secretary Paul O'Neill claims the first two years of the Bush administration was 'like a blind man in a roomful of deaf people'...]

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