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Charity masturbate-a-thon ends in uproar and recriminations
Organiser admits to Public / Private area confusion

A charity masturbate-a-thon webcast ended in disarray yesterday with recriminations and insults, after signs marking public and private areas confused participants.


Organisers said they went to great lengths to ensure separate public and private areas so that as many participants could take part in the charity event. They continue to investigate the misunderstanding.

Participants, who intended for their contribution to be in private, were surprised to find, afterwards, that they had been watched by thousands of paying viewers from all around the world.

Another sign

A witness told reporters:

"The confusion occurred in one particular room which had two doors leading in to it.

One door clearly had a private sign above it, the other, confusingly, said pubic.

When participants went through the doors they found their every move was being shown as part of the live webcast."

A participant, who says he had intended to go into the public area in any case, told us:

"I wasn't worried about being watched, in fact I get quite a kick out of that kind of thing. However, I do remember being surprised by a number of shy looking participants, some of whom seemed to be wanted to be left alone."
Yet another sign

The masturbate-a-thon was organised by a community sex education centre in South London, England..

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