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Dirty Election 2004: John Kerry 'Troll Doll' causes anger
Launch of our Dirty Election 2004 Coverage
Today we start our coverage of the dirtiest US presidential campaign in history. Until election day we aim to uncover the worst of the dirty tricks. Trust us to be the first site to sneer...

EXCLUSIVE We have discovered that up to 5000 John Kerry 'troll dolls' are being circulated by Republican activists in New Hampshire.

The doll, which has spiky-out hair, has been named 'Bad Hair Day Kerry".

To gauge reaction to what seems to be the first dirty trick of the campaign so far, we took a Bad Hair Day Kerry doll out onto the streets for reaction from voters...


"It looks real realistic to me. If he had a bad hair day like that while in the White House we would become the laughing stock of the entire world. "

"It doesn't look anything like Ted Danson, it's not realistic at all."

"On the one hand, that's no way to treat a decorated Vietnam hero! On the other hand, Kerry is a keen windsurfer and once the wind gets up I think this looks quite realistic. Probably a gale force 4 or something."

"My! Such stumpy toes and fingers! I could never vote for such a troll!"

"I could never vote for a candidate who has frizzy out hair like that. Doesn't he comb?"

"This doesn't surprise me. I have never met a keen environmentalist who washes his hair properly."


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