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Orchestra releases CD with 11 silent tracks
The real Sound of Silence

The New Barton Silent Symphony Orchestra has released a CD containing 11 tracks of complete silence.

The tracks include a silent version of the classic Beastie Boys song Fight For Your Right To Party, the delicious Meditation On An Apple Pie, and the critically ignored Porn On Fast Forward.

But, most controversial of all, is the track 911 for 911.

In commemoration of the 911th day after the 911 attacks, the track, in which an entire orchestra sits in complete silence for 911 seconds (15 minutes 11 seconds), had to be recorded 5 times to get the perfect silence.

A shorter, one second short of 2 minutes, single, niftily entitled 119 for 911, is to be released nearer the anniversary. This is a purely for profit release.

The Quiet One
Protest Silently For Your Right To Party
The Look Of Love
911 for 911
119 for 911
Meditation On An Apple Pie
Hurricane Isabel as heard by a poor, deaf, man
Silently She Weeps
50 Seconds Of Death
Lull Before A Storm
Porn On Fast Forward

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