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Snooky Bear loves Lushie Lumps and other Valentine classifieds
14th February 2004 wishes to lovers and others

We pride ourselves on our never ending levels of healthy cynicism for all things...

But, hang on a minute, what's this? Have we become all cootsey wootesy shootsey oootesy this Valentine's day?

We may have surprised ourselves for once...

In any case, we love any season where people can come to our site to express their undying Valentines messages rather than send a boring old flappy card...

So, for our love inspired readers across the planet, here are our choice classifieds... We will add more during the day if we get inspired by the satirical cherub of lurve....

My nose is red,
Your skin is blue
You must be a Smurf
and I have Bird Flu...
You are the wind beneath my sheets. xxx Pooh Bear.
Condeleza's are red
Cheney's are blue
George goes commando
Tony does too
Soupy Sue loves to dunk her Bread Rawl. xxx
Rubber on rubber fetish Stan: Come round for your special squeak tonite!
Send in your funny Valentines messages before the 15th to
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