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Janet Jackson's Boobie Killed My Web Site
or How Janet's Boobie ate my Bandwidth

CEO of, Brentford Dotiggs, may be the first internet victim of Janet Jackson's titty, we can reveal.

Before Super Bowl XXXVIII, his site (which deals with views he describes as "upholding Christian morality in the modern world") attracted around 200 visitors a day.

But, after Dotiggs posted a view about Janet's exposed nipple last Sunday night, the audience grew to 250,000 an hour.

Shocked by the surge in readers, the site closed, and Christian elders, who had heard on the radio that something was up, came round to bang their sticks on his bedroom door.

Other search terms which led to ChristianNewzn becoming the number one porn site in the world last Monday
Rough Nipple
Rip Nipple
Nip Ripple
Nipple Flesh thank you
Pull at Teat
Rough Me Mister
Naked ass pleases me
Boob job required
Nipple Frottage
Nipple Pops out! Timber!

Due to what Dotiggs now accepts was "slipshod drafting of my view on the 'accidental' nipple exposure", ChristianNewz was, at one time on Monday last week, number one in porn search engines around the world for search term such as Janet's tit, Janet's Boobie, My Dome Virus, and rough rip fetish slap. (Search terms © and

During the height of the interest, all links from the main page went to an apology to regular readers (most of whom had already phoned him). The notice said 'due to unprecedented demand for our brand of Christian views, this site is to close while we get together enough money to pay for the increase in bandwidth which costs over $5000 a day.'

Last night, Dotiggs told us: "I'm giving up, it's just not worth it. It was like the crazy dot com boom but with no money coming in at all. Hmm, come to think about it, it was exactly like the dot com boom entirely..."


Specialist nude search engines are one of the fastest growing search engines on the internet today.

Current leader in the nude search engine market is, followed closely by,,

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