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Search for Bush's 'Band of Brothers' leads to Accounts Department
AWOL President

A 73 year old accounts administrator has come forward following frantic efforts by the Bush administration to find one of the President's Band of Brothers who served with him during his time of service during the period of the Vietnam War.

Mary Ableen was one of fifteen payroll administrators in the National Guard during the period August 1969 to May 1978. Her section was responsible for surnames A thru M. She was personally responsible for all B's until being promoted to the C's in 1975.

Ableen: "Fond memories"

"I can personally vouch for the President's outstanding accounts administration during the entire period of his employment," she told us.

"People must realise that, during the period 1969 up right until the early 1980's, accepting money into a bank account was a really tricky business, but never once did we have a problem with George W Bush receiving his correct wages on time."

"Mr Bush was always very polite. It's a pleasure to help war heroes with such a friendly telephone manner. He always had time for a chat with the girls in the office. I used to look forward to his calls every Wednesday at 2."

"I have particularly fond memories of the president's account for the periods December '72, and February / March of '73. As you know, at this time, he switched to the National Guard in Alabama. Such a move normally requires many hours of detailed and, at times, painful, accounts work, but at no point did the future president complain."

"I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but my friend Alan was responsible for John Kerry's payslips during the same period and I can honestly say a more lacklustre slipshod account management can not be imagined. It was just pure careless! Some people just do not appreciate the complexity and danger of paying people their correct wages on time. Sometimes it took Kerry months to return our calls, and then any conversation we had with him were just short and to the point. Sometimes you couldn't even hear him over the explosions and screaming going on in the background."

Mrs Ableen has provided photographs of pens, her desk tidy, ink blotter as well as her diary for the period. is committed to equal sneering at everyone during the 2004 US Presidential Election

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