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Xmas TV Guide: The Best Of The World's Festive TV This Christmas

Christmas TV highlights from around the world

Start planning your television viewing today with us at the world's Voice of Reason.

Fed up with missing that talked about Christmas Day show when you get back in the office? Don't worry, if it's not here then it isn't worth worrying about!

Perry Como's Fallujah Christmas
CBS Christmas Day 8pm
The famous crooner, popular for his television specials in the 1980's, returns with 90 minutes of festive song, light-comedy and foreign landmarks covered in ankle-deep fake snow! Press the red button on interactive sets to join in Kareoki style.
I'll Have More Brandy Sauce With That!
CBN3 2:15pm Christmas Day
We rejoin the reality Christmas contestants in Lapland. After the Christmas Eve Santa Run, tension in the house is taut. Will the surprise Turkey lunch for 150 Extreme Vegetarians ruffle even more feathers that have hardly settled since the feather plucking race on the 20th? Interactive viewers can press the red button for details on our viewers favorite what to do with plucked feathers feature.
Special Feature: PNS1
Christmas Day 'Snooze Zone'
Here at PNS1 we will be showing adverts at normal volume! No longer will television adverts be louder than the programs on PNS1 on Christmas Day! Fed up with dozing to sleep after Christmas lunch only to be woken by adverts louder than the program you are watching? Here at PNS1 we guarantee that all ads will be at the same level or lower all day on the 25th December.
Bruce Smith's Christmas Cracker
ABC, Christmas Day 7:30pm
Australia's favorite marsupial baiter returns with more of his trademark Koala comedy with a special festive twist.
Tinsel Decoration Guarantee
NBC, Christmas Day

Here at NBC we guarantee 20% more tinsel and Christmas decorations than any other network this Christmastide. 20% more Christmas lights draped flashing logo's! 50% more Santa hat's. Pledge: If you find more Santa Hats on any other leading characters in shows on any other network this Christmas Day we will publicly humiliate our Director of Programs until he cries.

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