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Welcome to Your Free One Week Trial of our Sheep Dating Service
Here are your first five sheeps

CONGRATULATIONS! A friend or colleague has nominated you as being potentially interested in our world famous sheep dating service.

If you decide to enrole, we guarantee to send you details of a new sheep that is interested in meeting you every day.

Below are a typical selection of sheeps currently on our database to give you a taster of what you can expect from our professional, discreet service.

Loves long walks in the country, being licked behind the ears, long leisurely munches of grass, baa'ing in a high pitched voice. Favorite musical: The Sound of Baa'ing.
Loves giggling when being tickled under her chin, long lazy after dinner snoozes, political debates. Happy to be dipped by the right person. Favorite musical: Baa'ing on the Roof.

Named after the famous singer because she loves to dance in the field. When not dancing, Britney likes to push her nose into things. Also likes galloping in circles with her bottom in the air while baa'ing. Is looking for a man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. Favorite musical: South Baacific.

Loves being squeezed. She can baa the Stars and Stripes. Loves kissing and having her ears pulled. Her thick coat gives the impression that Nicola is a walking cushion. Her favorite musical is Chi-baa-go.
Loves manicures, chocolates, lazing by the log fire, fast cars and ten day lush grass. Enjoys being grabbed by the front legs for a waltz or quick step. Very discrete. Favorite musical: Jerry Springer: The Musical.
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