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Latest Dummies Book Released: 'Which Dummies Book is for me? For Dummies'

How How How?
Christmas Ad Campaign

Want to buy a Dummies book but you get confused by the large number of Dummies books to choose from?

Don't worry, help is on the way...

Let Which Dummies Book is for Me? for Dummies help you!

In an attempt to help dummies who are confused by the seemingly endless number of new Dummies books on the market this Christmastime, Dummies Inc have brought out a new book to help consumers decide which kind of Dummydom they need help with...

The most popular of the latest release of books include:

Starting a Preemptive War for Dummies

Store Front Mannequins for Dummies (in UK renamed: Shop Front Dummy's for Dummies)

Single Handed Crocheting for Dummies

Making A Terrorist Video for Dummies

Control Demolishing a House for Dummies

Arguing Without Throwing Stuff for Dummies

Arguing And Throwing Stuff for Dummies

Choosing the Right Baby Pacifier for Dummies (In UK released as: Choosing the Right Baby-Dummy for Dummies)

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