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Reader's Choice Top Ten Stories from 2004

The stories most clicked on for 2004

It's that time of year when we look back and take stock... It's been a bumper year for us here at, thanks for reading us.

Wishing you seasons greetings and a happy 2005...

This story has been at the top of the charts for most of the year. Even though the voting ended in 2003, the prospects of seeing Britney in her birthday suit does not diminish for horny web surfers...
Surprisingly, the mirror poll which was intended for the prudish has come second in our chart of reader views for the whole year
Following on from our Britney success, we introduced a Maria Sharapova poll in the same format in 2004. The comments from our readers also entertained us [here].
Thanks to this is our single biggest story all in one go... 40,000 views in two days. It had our server doing strange things which is what we like to see...
Masturbate your way to a bigger penis
This is another slow burner. It was written back in 2003 but is a favourite in the search engines for masturbation and 'I want a bigger penis', which, to be honest, was our hope when we wrote it...

This story was based on a story we read about an actual attempt by the Rumania Tourist Board to only get sexy people to go to certain resorts...

Our favorite story of the year. A collection of actual stills from the second US presidential election debate... Surprisingly, the second page of this story didn't get many hits, which is a shame because it has the better jokes on it...
This story was a popular one with google news before the election. Amazingly our result, which we guessed for fun, was quite close to the actual result.
It just so happens that we managed to get to see the video everyone was talking about (which for us is quite rare)... this was our spoof review of it...
This story was written back in 2002 as a special story for Christmas day. It has run and run... with an impressive surge in popularity as Christmas approaches...
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