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Movie of the week: Weekend at Cheney's

We hope you never get to see Dick Cheney like this...
It's the second don't miss movie of the year so far! Once you've seen Fahrenheit 90210 you've just got to see...
Weekend at Cheney's

Watch the mayhem ensue after the vice president dies and nobody tells the electorate!

Watch Cheney windsurf, sail board, roller blade, take meetings on Economics, have breakfast with heads of state - all completely stone cold!

What the critics have said:

"Surely Cheney's heart can't go on much longer? This is a sitcom just waiting to happen!" [Medical Synopsis in Pictures Monthly]

"Bush and Cheney confirm their status as the Abbot and Costello of their generation. Rip roaring riotously funny." [Washington Blue Moon]

"The part when they dress the dead Cheney up in the gorilla suit and leave him in the zoo over night is surely one of the funniest moments in cinema history." [Republicans At The Movies]

"This is just plain sick. If he were to die now I hope you are all ashamed of yourselves." [Concerned Bystander]

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