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Latest Reality TV Show Revealed - The Evil Dentist

"Zzzzzziiiijjjjjjj ying-wwwwwwwweeeee!"

It's got pain, anxiety, tears, the blackest trench humour around, and that 'romantic touch of medical stuff', but, mostly, it's the screams of drills and pain that will have viewers tuning in each week...

The Evil Dentist™ is the latest reality TV show from the creators of Death Row Junction, Terminal Ward 69 and Transsexual Tension, and is coming to a network near you soon...

Open wide! "Arrgh!" Classic moment of pain

The show is set in a real Dentistry in a medium size city (location secret). Viewers can get involved as long as they don't mind having all the treatment (and 'after-effects') filmed.

A producer for the show told us: "Unfortunately, medical ethics demands that we can't put our patients through more pain than absolutely necessary, so we've got round that by having three unqualified dentists. Any-hoo: The beauty of dentistry is that pain is just a small slip away, accidents just sometimes happen!"

The weekly, hour-long show itself is filled with as many twists and turns as those being treated in the dentist's chair.

Each week, viewers are encouraged to vote for their favourite dentist, or for special features, such as which dentist is to get the faulty drill, the filling cement that just won't set, or who has to work with the fiery alcoholic Portuguese dental hygienist who doesn't speak any English - Margaretta.

Larry David operates in Belgium's version of the Evil Dentist

In the top-rated Belgian version of the show, celebrity 'dentists', who really have no idea what they are doing, were brought in to operate on unsuspecting members of the public.

"There really are so few legal opportunities to put people through so much pain as dentistry allows. I think this idea will run and run," said TV critic and Master of Pain, Herve Mont.

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