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'Joey' Kerry Premieres This Fall on NBC Thursday Nights

John Kerry finally gets his own spin-off

It's the political spin-off of the year so far...

Joey had a life, a career and friends in Massachusetts, but he's giving it all up for a chance to follow his dream in Washington DC - in a brand new show premiering this fall on NBC Thursday Nights.

We've come to think of Joey as family after he starred as one of the six friends in TV's world-wide smash hit Democrats.

Watch as we root for 'our' Joey as he struggles to get his doomed career on course in a whole new city with a bunch load of new characters...

Make sure you watch it early as the chances are it's gonna be pulled real quick...

Read our early reviews:

"I've seen the clips on the web site and it sucks bad."

"When will the Democrats learn? It's not enough to have great hair!"

"I'm sure they didn't pay him a million dollars an episode for this garbage."

"I'm not expecting a second season."

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