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The Tuesday Survey: Has Easter become too gay?
Tell us your views and don't win a prize...

It all started as a deeply religious event with a man dying in excruciating pain on a cross, but, today, at this time of year, Christians around the world are more likely to be faced with cute'n'cuddly Easter Bunnies jumping gaily in the meadows, brightly coloured pink and yellow eggs, painted hen eggs with clown faces on them, big red bows, fluffy chicks pecking at corn...

It sounds like it's time for...

This Tuesday we ask... Has Easter become too gay? Our panel of experts have their say...

These opinions brought to you this Tuesday by the people on the Hill of Duxelle de la Cherche, Monmartre, France
Bobby Garoche "As my old Grammy used to say: "Easter is a time for dressing up and cavorting like a fool!" Since I was young, I was encouraged to dance like a girl wearing bright, colourful, clothing! Whooohey! Anyone for a game of Hockey?"
Gillian Montezooma "Please excuse my English, but I admire Easter with all of my juice! Easter is a time for reminding ourselves of how the Christ suffered! A time for being forlorn with introspection! The prospects for gay sex at Easter time is the only thing I have to look forward to."
Charles The Gaul "What would Easter be like without big bows and chocolate binges? If feeling this gay is wrong I don't want to be right!"
Charles Aznevoir "I like to sing and dance and romance the ladies and lady-boys at Easter. I find Easter is such a good time to hook-up in my town, as everyone is extra-specially gay: dressed up, as they always are, in multitudinous shades of bright yellows and pinks. Vive la Republic!
Piers Morgoon "I love nothing better than kissing a girl or lady-boy with a chocolatey mouth. How you say in English? Yum!"

Send us your view and we will print the best ones to LetMeTellYouMyViewAboutWhether

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