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Britney Spears Latest Video Shock
Star eats fruit in latest video
Scene from Britney 's controversial apple routine

Britney Spears is to worry parents 'one more time' in her latest video, by eating an apple while performing a complicated dance routine.

The last time eating fruit in a dance routine was attempted was in 1948, when Gene Kelly choked on a peach and had to spend three days in hospital, although critics say he only really needed two.

The announcement that Britney Spears, the internationally recognised chanteuse, is to perform with fruit, was criticised by parents who fear that their children will attempt to eat during dance classes.

A spokesman for fruit told us:

Eating apples and dancing vigorously can cause vomiting and choking. Whilst apples are perfectly safe, we recommend eating them carefully when sitting down on a chair or perhaps while standing still. Eating apples whilst running or performing physical exercise is to be avoided at all costs.

A government spokesman told us:

Children should eat more fruit. Flabby asses continue to be one of the nation's biggest causes of concern.

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