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Delays in Athens 2004 construction leads to search for alternate sports
Will it be a Flintstone Olympics?
Olympics - 3 months to go...

Although officials say that everything will be ready for the Olympics in August, backup plans have been drawn up in case some of the stadia and facilities are not ready in time. Are these the alternate sports...?


Shot Put is to be replaced by Rock Put
Rock Put
Putters select any rock, or building block, above a minimum size that they find laying in the half-finished stadium and see how far they can throw it.
High Jump will be replaced by Low Jump
Low Jump
Contestants compete to jump out of the deepest holes in the stadium
Boxing will be replaced by Builder Ultimate Contract Negotiation Fighting
Fights to be carried out in back-rooms of bars, in dark alleys or in skips
Synchronised swimming renamed Synchronised mud wrestling
Technically it's only mud wrestling if they end up laying on top of each other, but it can happen, and it sort of sums up the essence of this new, two dimensional, flip-floppy, Olympic discipline
Javelin is now Builder Baiting
Athletes get bonus points for hitting construction workers' buildings, or builders still sleeping in the shade. Extra bonus points in the unlikely event they hit a moving builder
Fencing renamed 'New' Fencing
An obvious one here... Yes, of course, athletes are given hammers and nails to finish the perimeter fencing off

Other possible sports may include Builder Boot Hurling, Cheese Eating, 4 Hour Lunch Eventing and the Jackass inspired 'Old-Person-In-A-Shopping-Buggy Curling'.

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