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Taboo Male Problems No 1 The after urination shake
Public urinal etiquette: Three shakes good, eight shakes bad?

We at see it as our duty to openly discuss all the taboos we can think of, and this is one of our favourites.

So, join us now as we ask:

"After urinating in a public toilet, how many shakes is normal, and how many is self abuse?"

Many men fear the stigma of over-shake. But how many shakes could be considered as over-shake, and how much shaking is the norm?

'Stupid stunt'
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According to our survey*, most men thought two shakes was adequate to rid themselves of excess man-water.

45% of men questioned said they considered that shaking their penis over 8 times after urination was 'self abuse'.

25% of the men questioned* considered that men who shake their penis over 8 times in a public urinal after urinating should be arrested, with the number rising to 60% if the man in question hadn't urinated there in the first place.

Shaking over 12 times is nearly always seen as an imprisonable offence.

'The shake': These men have been here for over 30 minutes.

A global superstar, arrested for waving his willy in a public rest room, who has asked us not to name him, told us: "In my industry it is quite common to stand beside a man who shakes his penis 12 times or more after urinating. Some men have more leaky penises than others and it would be cruel to try to legislate in those cases."

*The survey used a sample of 10 men for this survey, giving a margin of error of +/- 75%.

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