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The Latest McWords
Is it a McDisgrace, or just a bit of fun?

A Dictionary company has recently gotten into trouble for including the term McJob - defined as "a low paying, dead-end job" - we've thought up some new words which are much more libellous. Let the litigation begin...

Nominations for the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate McDictionary 2004 (Unalphabetical)

McPerv Act of going into a magazine shop to take a quick look at the pages of porn mags without any intention of buying one afterwards: 'he had a McPerv'.

"Just one McJob did all this!"

McJerkOff Short, unfulfilling, worthless masturbatory session, possibly accidental, leaves you wanting another after 5 minutes.

McDildo Much too small a dildo for its intended purpose, possibly modelled on a dwarf - doesn't taste very nice, possibly made out of gherkin, is generally limp, horrible, yuck. (Not to be confused with McDido - Short British female singer.)

McFart Small, silent, but deceptively 'whiffy', bottom burp. Offends passers by but leaves the McFartee with little satisfaction (see also McFartNugget.)

"What has McDonalds done to deserve this ridicule?"

McFartNugget As McFart but also with extra underpant filling, generally warm, always sticky and uncomfortable. Really nasty, oooooh ugh!

McTosser Very offensive, generally very short, Scottish person, louder than his size would suggest. 90% male.

"People like to bash us, but they have to remember we can afford really good lawyers!"

Power McShags (See also Speed McDating) - Power McShags generally climax in under 20 seconds and most likely occur in a broom cupboard (See also the entry for McBecker.)

McGay A person who claims to be more homosexual than bisexual, but not completely gay.

McWallop Hopelessly ineffective boxing punch generally attempted by the under tens to an adult's knee or upper leg. (See also McJab - Hopelessly ineffective boxing punch generally attempted by professional boxers involved in a fraudulent contest. A McJab is never good enough to knock someone out.)

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