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The best of the latest JFK Assassination Conspiracy Books
Celebrating 40 years of publishing heaven

We have scoured the world to find the best of the new 40th anniversary JFK Assassination tie-in books.

Join us as we discover what's on offer in what is the last big anniversary of this devastating event until the 50th one...

"I heard more than 3 shots" compendium. Published by: The Over 3 Shots Society of Texas
A plump compendium of over 250 stories from witnesses who couldn't get a book deal on their own. All claim to have been ignored by the Warren Commission. Read sworn statements from witnesses claiming they heard between 4-27 shots on that fateful day.

See also: I never heard a single shot in Dealey Plaza, what's all the fuss about? by Maria Guntherson. I heard six shots in Dealey Plaza and so did my wife by Bob and Brenda Hattersfield. And I only left for five minutes to get the ice cream's in but when I got back Kennedy was shot, Doh! by father of three Doogie Ruggerslide.

Jim Garrison's book of doodles
The only man to bring a prosecution in the JFK assassination case, Jim Garrison, was a keen doodler whenever he spoke on the phone. Here, for the very first time in one volume, we have collected together all of his best art work.

Also, check out these reprinted classics: Jim Garrison's How to prosecute against all the odds for Dummies. Mark Tippit's emotional, if a little pretentious: Tip Toeing Blind-Foldedly Through the Grassy Knoll. And Political Assassinations: Just Say Yes, by Mimi Castro.

Marina Oswald's Russian/ American recipe book
Marina Oswald's latest cookery book features Russianisations of classic American dishes such as Apple Ruskie-Pie, Blueberry Muffinski's, and introducing Cajerian Cooking (a delightfully spicy fusion of Cajan and Siberian potato cuisine).

Also available: Getting hot under the collar during the cold war by Jackie Ruby. I was out walking my dog and I decided to shoot Oswald, the controversial novelisation of the twenty minutes leading up to Jack Ruby's murder of Lee Harvey.

Cut and paste your way to public incrimination
According to Oliver Stone's movie, JFK, the picture on the front of this book is a cut and paste job. Learn more tricks and tips from the Photoshop experts at the FBI. Find out how to 'cut and chop', 'slash' and then 'rivet' pictures. All explained step by step.

Also available from moderate-to-poor conspiracy outlets: I've never seen a president do that before, a post modernist 'satirical' reappraisal of the Zapruder film by The Greek Satirical Society of Oxford University. And don't forget Dealey Plaza: Nightmare just after Elm Street, by Freddie Krugger.

Naked Oswald
Every single known picture of Lee Harvey Oswald can now be found in one single arty photograph 'coffee table' book.

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