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Things I like to do with my pumpkin at Halloween
It's the season to be scary...
Readers share with us their favourite Halloween pumpkin activities...

"I and my hockey boyz like to make a George Bush pumpkin. We light candles inside and then try to put the candles out using our own fresh streams of urine. Sometimes our girlfriends take part. It is not pretty, but doesn't smell half as bad as you might expect." Democrat, Canada.

Bush pumpkin
"fresh streams of urine"

"That knobbly bit on top of a pumpkin gives me the horn." Tracy, Munich.

"I love nothing better than sticking a pumpkin on my head and then dancing as if possessed!" Katy, Bilbao, Spain.

"I make myself into a human pumpkin. I paint my whole body orange and then trick or treat almost completely nakedly. I am 43 years of age." Anonymous, DC.

Historical pumpkin non-fact
A pumpkin was first used during the American Civil War to ward off evil moose's

"I and my family look upon Halloween in the same trick filled way we look at April Fool's day. The neighbours normally take a holiday around this time of year. The place is deserted." Stripper, Milan.

George Bush's Britney Spears pumpkin gone all wrong

"I have bought an Arnold Schwarzenegger pattern for my pumpkin this year and I intend to make a body from other household items." California Dreamer, Paris.

"I keep every piece of the pumpkin I have scraped out with my spoon so that I can build a compost heap to give back to Mother Earth some of her goodness, or sometimes I make a soup." Mervin, Prestatin, UK

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