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'Slap Him, He's George W Bush!', the latest French TV hit
It's New, It's Retaliatory Reality French TV!
Poster appearing all over Paris

Slap Him, He's George W Bush could be the start of a new wave of politically motivated Retaliatory Reality TV. And it's about to take the French speaking world by storm.

In retaliation for the US Box Office hit 'Slap Her She's French', and to emphasise the fact that there is still no evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, French Television has said it can no longer delay its new Big Brother style retaliatory reality TV show©®™.

In the show, ten George W Bush impersonators compete to be humiliated to the delight of French viewers, and there's $500,000 for the surviving winner...

"Ten George W Bush impersonators, in one secure compound, for 8 weeks, there can be only one winner."
The Contestants
Your host, Chad Florida, welcomes the contestants into the compound from this Tuesday, 9pm, ©Television France 2003.
Translated advert, ©French TV


Coming to a Community Meeting Hall near you later this year... France Legionnaire Internationale smugly presents :

President Chirac answers all your American questions

Got a question you want answered? Just ask him, He's French!©®™


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