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Aguilera, Spears, J-Lo anger at images being used in Plumper Lips Ad
Ad promises users can decorate 'their face with lip cushions!'
Excerpt from criticized ad

"LADIES! Are your lips all dull and not plump at all? Want to have lips exactly like your favorite stars would have if they ever used our Lips Plumpie©®™ product?"

"Make your lips into face cushions with Lip Plumpie©®™!"

The above is a short extract from an internet advertising campaign which three of the world's major stars have criticized for attempting to cash in on their lips.

And it's coming to an Inbox near you soon...

Another excerpt from criticized ad

"All your favorite stars can use Lips Plumpie©®™ every morning!!! Look at our before and after pictures."

"But don't just take our ad blurb for it, read our ad blurb testimonials:"

Christine Lipsileira!
Plumper lips for that extra special occasion!

"I just started using Lips Plumpie©®™ and I cannot believe the results! Your product is wonderful. I have lips that touch my nose already, and I only started the procedure 3 days ago!" Lanrey - S, California

"I am really old and crinkly, but your product has given me wonderfully full lips and all the crinkles have disappeared from around my mouth! Thank you so very much" Mindy, N Carolina

Computer simulation of Britney's new lips
Collagen makes her look even sexier

"It's been about 2 weeks and my lips keep getting bigger; they now take up over half my face! I can now wear lip gloss with confidence (I am so happy - I need to wear sunglasses because of the glare!) Before I discovered Lips Plumpie©®™ I had dull, uninteresting, lips, now I need a whole new lipstick each day! Oh, how can I ever thank you enough? I intend to call my first born Collajean. Bravismo Uber ulles!" DeutscheBroad, Hammerfest.

The world's favorite star with lovelier lips

"Lips Plumpie©®™ not only makes my lips up to ten times the normal size, but they have a lovely moisturizing effect! They are like a couple of cushions bathed in delicious moisture! I will never go back to my old lips! Thank you so much!" LipSmacker, Georgia.

"After only four weeks of applying Lips Plumpie©®™ my lips are already cushioning me against small falls and clumsy people! I fell over quite by accident the other day, and my lips cushioned the fall quite satisfactorily. Thank you. May all your problems be little ones." Ayatollah Jenny,Tehran

"My lips are now so full and luscious, I no longer need pillows to sleep on, I just sleep on my front! Thanks to everyone at Lips Plumpie©®™, you are the best." Anonymous

"OHMYGOD! I have always hated my lips since I was a teen. They just sat there all dull and uninteresting on my mouth, sometimes I couldn't even bring myself to brush my teeth! But now, wow, look at them! They're almost as big as my ears! I am so please with my purchase of the Lips Plumpie©®™. I am telling everyone about your products in my old people's home, I feel sure you are about to get a bunch load of orders!" Mabel, The Home For The Interminably Incontinent

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