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Do you really want to see Britney Spears totally completely and utterly naked?
Britney Nude? You decide - Yes or No?

Congratulations! Your web search has not been in vain. Forget about all those websites which toy with your lust. No more toying! On this web site we offer you the chance to see Britney Spears completely naked, nude, bereft of all clothing, in her birthday suit even....

But are you really sure you want to see it?

We will reveal our naked picture of Britney in the exact ratio of Yes and No votes in our poll. Vote yes and we show you more of the picture. Vote no and we cover a bit up again. Vote as many times as our server allows you (or until we work out how to stop you voting only once a time...)

Think being naked is just naughty and shouldn't be allowed? Then vote No! Think nakedness is simply groovy? Then vote Yes! It's as simple as that!


Voting has now ended. Based on all the votes cast, you wanted to see 15% of Britney. Thank you for taking part in our poll.


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