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New Tits Discovered By British Society Of Bird Watchers
New Tits set to join Tit family

The British Society of Bird Watchers says that two new Tits have been discovered.

Two Tits

There are over 20 members of the Tit family. A Tit is a common, small, chirpy, bird, found in gardens across the United Kingdom.

The new Tits are to be named the Fluffy Tit and the Gigantic Tit.

The Fluffy Tit's main feature is its spikey-out feathers - there has been much debate over this name. Some Ornithologists suggested naming it Punk Tit, Untidy Tit or Bad Hair Day Tit.

Two More Tits

The Gigantic Tit is over twice the size of the average Tit. Gigantic Tits are always found in pairs.

Bird watchers will soon be able to say: 'Look at that pair of Gigantic Tit's over there' without laughing, as it will be true and not naughty at all.

We could not find a picture of either the Fluffy Tit or the Gigantic Tit after extensive searching on the Internet, despite looking through over 2.5 million links.

Blue Tits, Great Tits, Siberian Tits and Marsh Tits have been popular for many years.

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