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Ben & Jenni brand ice cream to launch despite delay in marriage
Unofficial ice cream brand to launch anyway

The most anticipated marriage of the year, between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, has been apparently canceled because people like us keep writing about it. Naughty us!

But this won't stop the launch of our new marriage tie-in ice cream range, even if it doesn't have their approval....

Ben and Jenni's ice cream will come in the following flavors:

Peach Harbor

Daredevil Food Cake


Marshmallows in Manhattan

Sum of all Pears

Nuts Enough

Banana Bounce

Shakespearmint in Tub

Malt Rats

Boobtastic Berryfruits

Overacting Orange

Honeymoon Honeycomb

Lovers Licky Lush

Newly Married Mushie

Wedding Day Champers

Our readers have suggested the following:

Mark Shipman: Bananaconda, Angel Ice, The Wedding Bananner, Chasing Amyretto, Dogmango

Brenda Maple: Changing Limes.

Thought for the nuptials

If Ben Affleck spelt his name Afflick, J-Lo's new name would be J-Lick - could this have been the reason for the split?

Email us your favorite Ben and Jenni ice creams to

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