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Straight Eye for the Queer Guy and other similar TV series this fall
Networks fight to cash in on latest original format
Must See TV

Following the success of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, networks around the world are busy copying and modifying the format in time for their fall schedules.

We have managed to track down just a small fraction of the spin-off series. (Check local listings for details.)

Straight Eye for the Queer Guy

Politically indeterminate

A gay guy gets a straight makeover. Gay men, fed up with the bright colors and too-much-sex of gaytownville, seek counseling from men who only wear checked shirts and have hairy backs. Our lifestyle makeover experts are Voice Counselor, Jim, Walking and Running Guru, Danny, dock worker, Grunt, Heavy Weights Lifter, Burt, and Ball Sports Guru, Mickey. Our experts help guide a different gay guy every week. Lessons include: how to talk deeper, how to strut like a boxer, and how to wear brown without embarrassment. In the first episode, 37 year old Sebastian seeks help to lower his screams by up to three octaves - how will he get on as our gurus help him to attain his dream of shopping for fabrics without screaming 'it's to die for?'

Cross eye for the Obese Guy

Fattist or Flabtastic?

Ten grossly overweight guys are given counseling on how to lose weight from four men who have perfect muscled, or swimmers physique, bodies. Bodybuilder, Kurt, fitness teacher, Johnny, World abs crunch champion (1999-present), James, and Jerry, a biceps counselor to the 'muscled stars', attempt to give friendly, non-threatening, advice, to our hopelessly overweight friends. Will the fatties lose their blubber, and learn to love the bench press and salad vegetables? Or will they eat pies just to spite our well-buffed experts? Tune in each week to find out, and why not place a spread bet on their waist sizes on our web site...

Black eye for the Cocky Guy

Ultimate Fighting Makeover

Ten of the most annoying guys we can find are given a makeover they will never forget. Can annoying people be made less annoying by a thorough and professional beating? Find out when our five counselors whip these losers into shape. Jerry Springer is on hand throughout, as are Ultimate Fighting Champions Mark and Fridge, along with a referee who is hard of hearing and needs spectacles which he always accidentally leaves in the changing room.

Custard Pie for the Slapstick Guy

Circus Clowning help

Something for all custard-pie-in-the-face lovers. Circus clowns Coco, Moco, Cappuccino, Latte and 'that small 'ickle' one', are on hand to give advice to our rookie custard pie wranglers. How should you stand to throw, or receive, a pie in the face? Watch on interactive TV to see the delivery from various angles. Join us at our frequent 'Discovering custard pies in the woods' days (formerly known as Paintballing Inc) to try it out for yourself. This is the stress reducer of the new millennium - smash a pie in someone's face! It's fun and tastes like cream!

Interior decorator eye for the untidy Office Guy

Dilbert Decor?

We've discovered some of the most untidy office and cubical dwelling guys in the world. Our panel of well paid Guru's are ready to give up their secrets in a collection of delightfully helpful sound-bites, which will be instantly available on desktop calendar and screen saver formats. What to do with month-old forgotten lunches left to rot under piles of unread papers? If you can't instantly find that fish that jumped out of the tank into your cubical, is it time to have a clean out? Find out the answers to these questions, and more, when our group of lifestyle, cleaning, and soft furnishings experts, help out in an office makeover set to take the office world by storm.

Beer eye for the sporty guy

Beer and sports, a perfect combination

Is the sports team you live for performing to their full potential? Would an expert makeover help? Each week, our drunk panel of Sports Gurus attempt to agree what is going wrong with a favorite team or sports star. Can our very drunk panel of sports experts help out? Or will our binge drinking buddies just make the matter ten times worse? Drink along with your own Budweiser sponsored beer for this Tuesday night must not miss special, then give us your thoughts on the sports radio phone-in afterwards.

Coming soon: Hey, girls, we haven't forgotten about you...

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