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Please read this before taking your medication
Pain relief ?


What you need to know about SODIUMBLIAFLION tablets 25mg - 500 mg

This leaflet provides you with important information on your medicine.

Please read this leaflet carefully before you start taking SODIUMBLIAFLION tablets. If you have any questions or are not sure about anything ask your doctor, pharmacist, or garage checkout attendant or whoever supplied this medication.


SODIUMBLIAFLION tablets belong to a group of cryogenically mutant ninja medicines called nuclear reactive super-steroidal anti-inflammatory wallop agents. The tablets come in many sizes from 25mg (tiny), 50mg (standard), 100mg (tubby), 150mg (super standard), 200mg (King Size), 250mg (Jumbo size), and the new Whopper 500mg.

What can SODIUMBLIAFLION be used to treat?

SODIUMBLIAFLION can be used to treat mild to rampant stabby type pains, including some twitchy/itchy type pains at the back of the nose, or behind the eyes. Seen Psycho? Designed by a pharmacist after watching that film.

After taking your medicine

Like all medicines SODIUMBLIAFLION tablets may cause side effects in some people. If you get a purple visibly creeping rash, breathlessness (including green dribbley type snot from your nose and red-blood nuggets from your mouth and bottom), mild to horrible heartburn, cramps in the lower intestine, or high pitched singing in the upper intestine including baritone harmony from kidneys and liver, you are unable to stop urinating or are unable to start, your left arm remains stuck in the hanging from a tree position or you can't move it higher than 90 degrees from the perpendicular, you hallucinate involving Britney Spears or Colin Farrell and a pink or green teddy bear the size of Mr T or The Rock or any wrestler who wrestles in just trunks and hair gel, you have an urge to chop wood and wear lumber jack shirts, or you can name over seven types of wood or you go cross eyed: STOP TAKING THIS MEDICINE AND SEE YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY.

Other side effects (unusual) include singing like a monk, steaming up your eye-glasses or that of a friend or partner, feeling the need to watch soap operas (either by the method of watching them yourself or, more likely, vicariously, by asking anyone around you what is going on), you need to see musicals with Barbara Streisand or Doris Day in them, or an irrational hatred of wildlife documentaries involving water rodents building stores of food for the winter months.

Storing your medicine

Keep your tablets in any dry place with its own ventilation and avoid gas flame as there is a risk of explosion.

If you take too many tablets

Recite Psalms 20-345 in a high pitched voice including the repeated phrase 'the power of Christ compels you'.

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