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Karate breaks out at ELVIS convention after claims sign actually read ELUIS
We have the sign, you decide...
Sloppy fontage? - Does it read Elvis or Eluis?

Memphis: Elvis fans were left 'bruised and battered' after a popular convention degenerated into 'a good ole' fashioned Presley-style Karate kicking', last night.

The annual Don't You Step on my Blue Suede Shoes Convention, widely regarded as one of the more violent in the Elvis Presley calendar, degenerated 'surprisingly quickly' following a dispute amongst members of the audience over whether the sign actually read Elvis at all.

The logo, reproduced above, is widely used, but is increasingly being criticized by younger Presley worshippers who believe the V should have a 'more pointy bottom'.

An angry Presley fontologist who was involved in the fracas told us:

"The V in the sign is far too rounded, it looks like a U, why has this never been brought up before? Old timers, who have been Presley supporters for so long, should take a closer good look at the sign. Are they blind? It is clearly a U in the middle of that name. I was only kicking to defend Elvis."

One of the 'old timers', who admits to having struck up to three of the younger Elvis fans, now feels he may have been a little rash:

"I was caught up in the moment, determined to defend Elvis and everything he stands for, but now, having looked at the sign, I'm not so sure. No sir, not sure at all. I suppose it could be a U in there, that bottom does look pretty pert and rounded to me. Just like young Elvis's, in fact. Yessir."

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