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Part Two (Deux, Dos, Deucieme, Drip, DõckertØnderly, Urs)
I am particularly interested in receiving the following spam:
Sexy sessions
I am interested in receiving spam on the following, if only for the pictures:
Teenage lesbo (red hot etc) inc uniforms fetish and plenty of those flat graduation hats
Twentysomething lesbo (red hot) cage action with whips, but no wobbly tongues
Geriatric crinkle sex (coco warm)
Bestiality: chickens, lions, bunny rabbits and water mammals
Bestiality: horses, dogs, cats and other family pets

Vegitality (sex with vegetables): tubas and other below-the-ground vegetables including nuts

Vegitality: sex with vegetables, above the ground (i.e. tomatoes, sprouts, lettuce)
Sex products I am interested in receiving spam on:
Standard, metal based, non bendy dildo
Vibrating dildo in three colors

Delux vibrating dildo (25 settings) with additional vein detail, and cream ejaculation feature (including safety over heating cut out feature)

Love balm - face and neck

Love balm - nipples and other 'naughty' non-hairy bits

Love balm - smelly and hairy bits
Peppermint products for 'naughty' bits lickage
Super absorbent love cushions
Electronic self masturbator
Electronic self masturbator - with remote control (esp models which can be worn under normal clothing for a luxurious orgasm anywhere)
I would be particularly interested in receiving spam for the following services masquerading as competitions:
Time share in Florida - salesman 170lbs and under
Time share in Florida - salesman 171lbs - 250lbs
Time share in Florida - salesman 251lbs+
Boat share in Venice
Geriatric 'crinkle' sex


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