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Beauty Products
I am particularly interested in spam for the following herbal remedies:
Up to 50% firmer
Over 100% firmer (I want it to go 'chink' when I sit down)
20% more compact
50%+ smaller (lipo donate)
Head - Grow your own Mohican
Head - Give your hair instant life!
Eyebrows - Bigger, bushier
Eyebrows - Bigger, droopier
Eyebrows - Thinner, daintier
Body hair - Less - Smooth as a baby's botty - tablets
Body hair - More - Hairy bear tablets and mousse - esp Werewolf specials

Arm pits - Osama beard length

Sexual prowess/aids

orgasm - longer
orgasm - more vigorous
orgasm - screamier
orgasm - generate electricity in the home
Foreplay - stamina
Foreplay - enthusiasm
Foreplay - the point of
Headache reduction
I want over 30 cm (15inches)
Over 20 cm (10 inches) will do me just peachy
Smaller scrotum
More leathery scrotum
Scrotum coloring kit - red, blue, pink and luminous green
Willy / Vagina couple specials
More juice 'per pump'
Less juice 'per pump'
Longer, more muscly
Better Taste
Better up-lick
Better down-lick
Better wobble (side to side as well as up and down lick)
Tongue aerobic workout

Tongue Tae Bo workout

I would like the latest spam on any product which can make me look:
5 - 10 years younger
10 - 25 years younger
25 - 50 years younger
5 - 10 years older


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