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Saddam regime ate Weapons of Mass Destruction, latest report claims
Weapon Inspectors found salt and pepper at some sites
Al-Duri - Ate seven missile launchers

Saddam Regime, no fixed abode: Saddam Hussein ordered that all members of the Ba'rth Party "eat weapons of mass destruction before war started" and may have been eating bombs "during UN weapons inspections," latest US intelligence reports now claim.

These controversial claims seem to be confirmed by the explosions.

Tank with half eaten gun found in garage

During the war, forces loyal to Saddam exploded violently in orangey balls of flame, sometimes only as a result of allied gun shot, and most of the times after they just "ran away quickly".

Over 5 tons of C4 explosives were swallowed, according to the report, and explains the poor state of the drainage system in Baghdad which was in a much worse condition than originally thought.

Mustapha - Planned WMD Banquets

Even today explosions are being heard throughout public rest rooms across Baghdad.

In the weeks leading up to war, senior members of the regime planned WMD banquets and food eating competitions, some of which became "dangerously boisterous".

Agupta - Threw three grenades in 'food fight'

One of the most dangerous food fights in history was heard three days before conflict began, when 7 uneaten grenades were lobbed.

"Had they gone off the chain explosion might have been visible from outer space", said a small Star Trek fan.

The French High Commission was particularly sarcastic when we called for a comment, and then refused to serve wine to us at a news conference.

This article was written by Bruce O'Mally, an Australian television chef, currently researching his book 'Good Eatin in the Middle East'.

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