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Celebrity frying pan boxing match criticised for promoting fried food
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Viewers of everyday celebrity boxing matches say they are 'no longer violent enough'.

In a survey carried out for NBC, viewers have said they want to see celebrity's doing something 'more violent still', possibly involving 'household appliances'.

Based on this research, the network has commissioned a series of 10 programs for the summer season where celebrities compete in the before now little acknowledged sport of Frying Pan Boxing.

Celebrities will compete in a ring armed only with frying pans with the intention of smacking them down squarely on top of their opponent's head.

Each bout will be of 5 rounds, 2 minutes each round. Each of the fight programs will follow a celebrity's progress through a tough training regime.

Celebrity boxers whose careers have seen better days, will learn how to defend themselves from being attacked with ordinary everyday household appliances.

Boxers on the show will be made to wear safety head guards to prevent injury and celebrity rules prevents any blow other than the straight down 'plonk' on the celebrity head. (In the unlicensed, underground frying pan boxing circuit, vicious blows are permitted with the pan being sliced from side to side, and sometimes heated up during the break between rounds with frying oil added - this will not be allowed in this series of the prime time show.)

But already NBC admits it may have bitten off more that it can chew as health food experts are already complaining that using frying pans gives younger viewers the wrong idea about healthy eating.

"They should be encouraged to eat fresh fruit and vegetables wherever possible," said an expert.

It is rumoured that ABC is developing a celebrity fight show based on the use of fruit and vegetables as offensive weapons.

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