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Saddam's mother-in-law arrested
"I am so angry I could spit', says 99 year old woman

Saddam Hussein's mother-in-law was being questioned by US forces last night after troops were led to her home by a specially trained dog*.

It is believed that the woman is keen to tell authorities about a number of things that 'really ticked' her off about her son-in-law.

These things are believed to be of a highly personal nature, and are not likely to include details of alleged weapons of mass destruction.

There have been a number of attempts on the woman's life since the marriage of her daughter, 15 years ago; all of these attempts failed as she makes sure to put on up to 7 layers of protective clothing, including a gas mask, whenever she goes out of her house.

She told MTV, who filmed the arrest:

"I'll tell them everything, everything!"

The arrest of Saddam's mother-in-law is a coup for the liberation forces.

She was not included in the official 'card deck of evil'.

-- Background * --

The US army has around 20 dogs in Iraq, trained to look for old people.

Old people have a particular smell which dogs can be trained to find.

Asked to describe the smell, dog trainer, Corporal Tom Travers, told us:

"To human noses the smell is little like a 'minty boiled cabbage".


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