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Baghdad latest: Saddam given a 'good shoe slapping'
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Live from Baghdad

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Saddam's grip on power was dealt a further terminal blow today as Iraqi's rejoiced on the streets, some taking their shoes off to slap them against effigies of their former leader.

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In the Middle East, taking your shoe off to slap an effigy, or even someone else, is regarded as the most offensive thing possible. (It is probably the equivalent of a Westerner giving a full botty-moon at the back of a coach to a driver behind, and then grabbing both cheeks which are then scrunched up between the fingers and then wobbled up and down really quickly.)

There are calls for a shoe slapping amnesty as part of the national celebrations of liberation.

-- How to defend yourself from a shoe slap --

During the shoe slap, at least one foot will be dangerously exposed. Take advantage of this by stamping down firmly on the unshod foot using your be-booted foot. High heels are particularly effective for this attack.

-- A brief history of the shoe slap --

The shoe slap began its life in English public houses in the middle of the 18th century.

When angered, an 18th century pub owner would remove his 'slipper' and 'cuff' his inebriated customer around the ear until he 'regained his sobriety', or died, or, most likely, the shoe broke.

-- Famous Professional Wrestlers who used the shoe slap technique in bouts --

The Great Geraldo, in 1948, was famous for pummeling his opponent with a pair of jesters slippers.

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