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George W Bush - an apology
We were wrong - you are the greatest President the USA has ever had... hmmm
America: 43rd time lucky!
Sorry, babe, we woz wrong

An open letter of apology to the President of the United States of America

George: In previous months we may have given the impression that we thought you were a "useless chimpanzee-like war monger" who had "all of the intelligence of a bacteria growing at the back of our fridge".

Since you "won" the presidency, we have made occasional comments to the effect that you are the "master of bewildered miscomprehension", which many in America read as "I'm an honest, ordinary, Joe, just like you", so see no reason to mistrust you.

We may even have made jokes, early on in your "presidency", about how you almost choked yourself to death on a pretzel, implying that you had problems doing two things at once - namely watching football and chewing at the same time.

We have chuckled along with other jokers who made much out of your earlier, pre-presidential, non-stop month-long drinking sessions which often led to incidences with fake boobs and rolling about the floor.

And, more than once or twice have we changed the W in the middle of your name to a Dubya, to laughter all round...

Of course, we reckoned the fact that you got the Supreme Court to make them stop counting the votes in Florida was suspicious, but everyone told us it was, so we just mindlessly went along with the rest of them.

But, following the successful conclusion of the war in Iraq, we are now happy to set the record straight...

We now happily accept that we were wrong to make jokes about you like this, and that you are now fully deserving of the title:

The greatest president of the United States in history

We were wrong, sorry babe, uhm Sir, let's move on in a spirit of harmony.


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