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When does Saddam have his tea? Answer: When Tariq Aziz joke banned at Grammy's
Editor had 'finger on button' to break broadcast throughout

Editors stood by throughout the annual Grammy Awards last night, ready to cut coverage if even the slightest reference to war occurred.

The possibility for satirical comment at this year's Grammy's were high (Magenta), but in the end no pro or antiwar puns were successfully performed.

Behind the scenes, music industry chiefs were in confident mood as they debated which artist is to release the John Lennon hit 'War is Over, give peace a chance' for its prime marketing window in the two weeks following a successful conclusion of conflict.

At least three artists are said to be growing their hair and staying in bed longer than usual in preparation.

In the event of War in the Gulf ©, TV schedules will be disrupted for up to two weeks, or until interest declines.

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"Unlikely name occurrence in single administration"


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