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Bush's 'Nookoola' weapons program not covered by Nuclear Test ban treaty, confirms Supreme Court
Is stupidity masking Bush's great intellect?

The Bush administration was forced to admit last night that it has authorised the development of a new range of 'nookoola weapons' for use on the battlefield. They are designed to destroy Iraqi weapons of mass destruction wherever in the world they are found.

"This new weapons program, however, will not be covered by the Nuclear Test ban treaty as they are not Nuclear weapons as such, they are Nookoola ones", a Bush spokesman told us.

Surprising Fact
George Bush likes to take a nap during meetings with foreign leaders.

Commentators, including some reputable satirical sources, have persistently joked about Bush's inability to say the word Nuclear, but now his fiendish plan is becoming clear, with over ten acceptable pronunciations currently being used in White House papers.

"It is legally possible for a new nuclear weapons program to be developed, cloaked under under the guise of an unexpected spelling" - this according to a Supreme Court Judge who we are unable to name.

White House Media Paper entitled Plausible Deniability: "If questioned by a reporter about nuclear weapons, the president can honestly say he knows of no US nuclear weapons program, because to him they are all nookoola ones."

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