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Cheney refuses to apologise for 'Nuts on Anvil' speech
Vice President Dick says he has no regrets
"We will pull him by his nuts and bash them on an anvil until his eyes pop" - Dick Cheney, December 14, 2002

DC: Vice President, Dick Cheney, continues to maintain his threatening stance towards Saddam Hussein, by refusing to retract even one word from one of the most aggressive US speeches against a foreign leader in history, last month.

"I am not going to be drawn into the argument of whether it will be a long one or a short one. "

In the speech, on December 14th, the Vice President made clear his resolve to deal with the 'not properly elected' Iraqi dictator, by issuing a stream of threats, including announcements of troop allocations to the region, coupled with stern looks to camera.

"...and when we hit him where it hurts we must keep hitting him there until he stops squealing."

By the end of the speech, the Vice President had committed another 1000 troops to the Gulf, which he announced at various moments in the speech in increments of 100. (The hour long speech saw an average of 16 troops committed a minute).

They should set sail by October 2003.

"I have seen it. It is long and it is hard and never in history has it deserved such a beating."

Each time he committed another 100 troops to the Gulf, the audience cheered, and the Vice President lifted his arms in the air to form the classic all-body victory salute.

"We should rip at it and pull it out and, when it has had enough, slam it down on the table for the whole world to see"

At the end of the speech, Cheney referred to Saddam Hussein as 'the world's most evil thing', and then immediately announced a further 200 troops to the Gulf, the highest increment in the speech.


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