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Let help you meet your special Santa friend


Are you looking for that perfect Santa partner this Christmastide?

Do you want to make your festivities zing with that new special person?

You've come to the right place! In association with we bring you a selection of only the choicest Santa Fetish Personal Ads.

Close friends tell me I'm a cross between a really livid Richard Gere and a really angry Denzel Washington. Love to get the ladies to sit on my knee in my grotto. Can travel - have use of reindeer and sleigh for next two weeks.
Hey babe this is one horny Santa! Let me be your best ever Christmas present! Love wrapping presents, long sleigh rides across country and sherry. Can slip up any chimney! OOOhh this Santa's naughty! Wooo-hey! Phwor....

Yes I look just as great naked! Want to join me on my rounds? Ho Ho Ho!

This Santa's for life not just for Christmas! And I'm all yours ladies! Watch me back-flip for choc drops! I work out 7 times a week. Whooof! Grrrr! Yip yip eeeeee.....!

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