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A Short History Of Nude Christmas Cards

Season's greetings without the trimmings

In Belgium, between 1875 to 1932, they were all the rage...

Today, the nude heterosexual Christmas Card is rare, but when one is received it guarantees a memorable Christmas, according to research from Hallmark.

Peter Barton received such a card from his mother and father in 1928: He told us: "It completely scared the willies out of me and I haven't been able to open a Christmas card since..."

In those days, a nude Christmas card had to be printed in factories where other people could see them.

During the 1930's, in nudist Germany, naked self-portrait Christmas cards were very popular. Literally dozens slapped through letter boxes in areas such as the promiscuous Badden-Battershvitzen, or the argumentative Schechleswiggle-Giggleswiggen.

Seasons Greetings!

Those cards looked exactly just like the view from the other direction of this modern one (left), from a nudist petanque group in Transylvania.

Nudies are never afraid to show off their big bottoms.

Alternatively, the gay nude Christmas card is very common, sometimes containing holes of varying sizes. Gay men enjoy nothing better than sex with Christmas Cards, seven in a bed sex sessions, and what is known as "gobbling".

Booshaka! Pull me-cracker!

The gay naked Christmas Card industry is growing fast. This year, celebrities in England are cornering the market, which is set to grow by 84%, but it could be as high as 87.2% in some areas.

NUNCO wishes its supporters a nice toasty - warm Christmastide

The Ali-G naked Christmas collection does not disappoint, however some other male celebrities have surprisingly small willys.

The naked Christmas greeting industry has always had its critics, none more so than from the anti-naked animals alliance (NUNCO), who in the past have sponsored their own Christmas card sets (right), which included pictures of bulls wearing underpants, and penguins in hats.


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